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It looks easy to change the seal myself. Can I buy the seal and install it?  
Yes, we can supply fridge seals without installation. However, to change a fridge seal is harder than it looks, call us for friendly advice on your fridge.
Sometimes it is easy to change your own fridge/freezer seals depending on the type of seal your fridge needs.
There are 3 types of seal:
Foamed in seal – very hard to change the seal, you would need an SAF technician to do the job.
Beaded seal – easier to do as long as you have a drill with the right adaptor.
Arrowhead seal – the easiest type of seal to replace.
Each brand of fridge has their own seal shape so it’s important to buy the right one for your fridge.
All our operators are highly trained and give a warranty on all parts and installation. The few dollars that you might save by installing it yourself is more than made up by the peace of mind in having the seals 
installed by professionals.

Do you need to turn off my fridge or freezer?
No, just remove any ice from around the door. Our technicians can replace your seals with the motor running, so you will not lose any perishables.

Will I save money on my electricity bill if I have new seals?  
Yes. If your seals are broken, cracked or not sealing properly then the fridge motor (compressor) will be working harder and longer to keep the fridge cold, therefore using more electricity. By having correctly installed and fitted seals your electricity bill will be reduced because the fridge will operate more efficiently.
What does the fridge seal do?  
The seal holds the door closed, this keeps the cold air trapped inside the fridge and stops it from escaping. If your seals are broken, cracked or not closing properly your fridge motor will be working harder to make up for the escaping cold air.
Is your fridge door leaning and looks like it may fall off?
Over time the weight in the fridge/freezer door slowly wears away the plastic mount bracket at the bottom of the door that fits into the bottom hinge.
You may notice small pieces of plastic near the bottom hinge, this is a tell-tale sign the door mount bracket is imploding into the door.
We restore the door back to its original position on the cabinet by manufacturing a bracket that fits your fridge or freezer. We do this repair on the day we visit and if you need new seals they are changed at the same time.

Custom Made Seals, Do It Yourself
You can order seals directly, just fill in the form below and we will call you to check out the type of seal in your fridge.

Installation only
If you have purchased the right seals for your fridge and need a hand with the installation. Please call us to expertly put the seals in.

Handy tip
If you have installed your seal but there are gaps where the door seal meets the face of the fridge try putting the seals in the sun for at least ½ hour so they are warm and flexible. Then insert them in your fridge. If that doesn’t work give us a call as there are other troubleshooting tips we can give.


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